Record of the Week: 09/10/2021

This week’s record shows off a wild and trippy AsideBside configuration with Splatter! As you can see here, and in many other Record Of The Week posts, when certain colors and configurations are put together, the results can truly become their own incredible pieces of vinyl art!

Record of the Week: 09/03/2021

This week’s record shows off a crazy Color-in-Color configuration with 2 Splatter colors! This eye-catching piece of vinyl showcases how combining different options can create an amazing record!

Record of the Week: 08/20/2021

This week’s record showcases our Spinner configuration with Glaze (Splatter). While it may look like our Pinwheel vinyl, the Spinner’s pressing process allows our talented technicians to keep the Glaze (Splatter) only on the spokes – giving you even more flexibility and customization for your record!

Record of the Week: 08/13/2021

This week’s record showcases our 5-spoke Pinwheel vinyl configuration which produced a unique and visually striking final product! This configuration allows you to pick your base color and between 3 and 6 custom colored spokes to create an amazing and beautiful looking piece of vinyl art for your record.

Record of the Week: 08/06/2021

This week’s record highlights our Moon Phase configuration. This record kept it classic by utilizing the tried-and-true Black & White color pairing which always works well together when bringing your vinyl to life!

Record of the Week: 07/30/2021

This week’s record features a sweet example of Twist vinyl that utilizes some fantastic color choices. This is another prime example of how complementary color selection and our incredible configuration choices can bring your record to the next level!

Record of the Week: 07/16/2021

This week’s featured record shows off our awesome Cloudy configuration with black Splatter that really makes that blue pop! Cloudy is one of several new vinyl configurations that we now have available.