Record of the Week: 05/07/2021

This week’s record is a very cool example of our TWIST vinyl configuration! With different base color & twist color combinations, you can create subtle visual effects or bold contrasts, with results that look gorgeous sitting still or spinning on your turntable!

Record of the Week: 04/30/2021

This week’s record features one of our newest configurations – MOON PHASE vinyl – shown with Splatter! This configuration offers two half “moons” and can include 1 or 2 splatters in them!

Record of the Week: 04/23/2021

This week’s record is Tri-Color AsideBside vinyl with some of our newer Neon colors. These neon colors are all solids which come together in a way that allows for a unique blend of these colors to create a one-of-a-kind record!

Record of the Week: 04/16/2021

This is a special Record Of The Week from one of our most prolific customers – Decibel Magazine! Over the last 10 years and 200 issues, Decibel has included a flexi in many of its issues highlighting the best in heavy music. The latest flexi in Decibel’s catalog is a new single from heavy metal stalwarts Converge called “I Won’t Let You Go.” This Picture Flexi features exclusive art from frontman Jacob Bannon and is complemented by Gold Foil Stamping to commemorate this special occasion.

Record of the Week: 04/09/2021

This week’s record is a masterful execution of contrasting colors! This tri-color Striped vinyl with Splatter showcases how creativity and a feel for how certain colors put together will give you a gorgeous record!

Record of the Week: 03/26/2021

This week’s record is truly a spectacle to be hold – it combines Color-in-Color and Half-n-Half vinyl with 3 colors of Splatter! Nothing is impossible if you think big enough! This is just another example of why Pirates Press is truly a pioneer in vinyl manufacturing.

Record of the Week: 03/19/2021

This week’s record showcases another example of an amazing new vinyl configuration – Butterfly with 2 Color Splatter! You can get vinyl made in this configuration without splatter, or with 1 or 2 splatter colors on the “wings.”

Record of the Week: 03/12/2021

This week’s record showcases another one of our newest vinyl configurations – Triple Button! This configuration works best with a transparent or semi-transparent base paired with an opaque color that serves as the “button.”

Record of the Week: 03/05/2021

This week’s record showcases another one of our newest configurations – BLACK ICE – and with the added touch of white Splatter! What makes BLACK ICE such a marvel is that when it’s held up to the light it completely changes its appearance!