July 18th, 2014

Hey All!

Welcome back to another awesome RECORD OF THE WEEK blog! Kicking things off this time around is a super-rad repress of LENNY LASHLEY’S GANG OF ONE ‘Illuminator’ LP! This repress was done with bronze foil stamping on the jacket, and three bronze-related colored vinyl configurations to match. The ‘Silver’ / ‘Bronze’ AsideBside with splatter is out of control, as is the tri-color striped version! If that wasn’t enough, this thing also includes a special 6″ x 9″ flexi-postcard which includes the track ‘U.S. Mail’ from the 12″! Check out the video for that single here, and if you haven’t gotten your copy of this LP yet, do so here! These things are awesome and only take 2-3 weeks production time these days, so if you’re looking for a quick solution to have something unique to sell at an upcoming show or tour, definitely consider a flexi or flexi-postcard!

BAND:  Lenny Lashley’s Gang of One
LABEL: Pirates Press Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.piratespressrecords.com

———————————— Honorable Mentions ———————————————

The first honorable mention this week is a colorful and eye-catching new release from Empire! Empire! COUNT YOUR LUCKY STARS did an awesome job with the colored vinyl choices on this one, just check out that ‘Cyan’ in ‘Ultra Clear’ Color-in-Color configuration! The ‘Milky Clear’ with Baby Blue, Easter Yellow, and Hot Pink splatter is great one as well… NICE!

BAND: Empire! Empire!
LABEL: Count Your Lucky Stars
LABEL WEBSITE: www.cylsrecords.com

This new 12″ LP from TAPE WAVES is called ‘Let You Go’, and features some killer ‘Halloween Orange’ / ‘Doublemint’ AsideBside colored vinyl! The Gloss Lamination on the Jackets was a fitting choice for the package too- Kudos to BLEEDING GOLD Records for making this a classy one!

BAND:  Tape Waves
LABEL: Bleeding Gold Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.bleedinggoldrecords.com

SOUTHERN LORD went with a cool ‘Kelly Green’ / ‘Silver’ / ‘Royal Blue’ Tri-Color Pie-Slice configuration for BROTHERHOOD’s new LP, ‘Thick as Blood’ – Sweet choice!

BAND:  Brotherhood
LABEL: Southern Lord Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.southernlord.com

PURE NOISE Records knocking it out of the park once again, this time with TO THE WIND’s latest release, ‘Block Out the Sun and Sleep’! Get a load of that ‘Bone’ / ‘Black’ AsideBside vinyl with ‘Dookie Brown’ Splatter! The ‘White’ version with Black Haze is a beauty as well.

BAND:  To The Wind
LABEL: Pure Noise Recordings
LABEL: www.purenoise.net

Check out the colored vinyl choices included in the debut EP of Relapse’s newest signing, a one-woman black metal project called MYRKUR! The ‘Bone’ / ‘Doublemint’ AsideBside matches that artwork perfectly, and those jackets with Spot UV printing looks amazing as well…. Rad!!

BAND:  Myrkur
LABEL: Relapse Records
LABEL: www.relapse.com

Last but not least is a 12″ split between always-heavy GRAVES AT SEA and SOURVEIN, thanks to Seventh Rule Records! The ‘Deep Purple’ vinyl with ‘Aqua Blue’ Splatter suits the package really well, and that art is amazing!

BAND:  Graves at Sea / Sourvein
LABEL: Seventh Rule
LABEL WEBSITE: www.seventhrule.com

That just about wraps up this week’s blog! Thanks for checking out all these rad new releases and for supporting the these bands and labels! As always, see you next Friday for another round! Until then… VINYL RULES ALLLLL.


July 11th, 2014

Hey Everyone,

Welcome back to another vinyl-filled RECORD OF THE WEEK blog! This week’s blog is chock-full of some killer new releases, starting off with a ‘greatest-hits’ style double 12″ LP from ANTI-FLAG entitled ‘A Document of Dissent’, courtesy of Fat-Wreck Chords! That ‘Blood Red’ / ‘White’ / Black Tri-Color AsideBside Version is absolutely out of control! The ‘White’ Configuration with Black Haze is gorgeous as well, and if that wasn’t enough, these two pieces of wax come in a massive gatefold jacket! This is a definite must-have for fans of Anti-Flag… So what are you waiting for? Get into it!!

BAND:  Anti-Flag
LABEL: Fat Wreck Chords
LABEL WEBSITE: www.fat-wreck.com

———————————— Honorable Mentions ———————————————

The first honorable mention this time around is a super impressive new LP from IRON REAGAN! Relapse knocked it out of the park with this one, just check out the ‘Red(ish)’ / Black AsideBside colored configuration! The ‘Ultra Clear’ and ‘Red(ish)’ versions look incredible as well. Nice!!

BAND: Iron Reagan
LABEL: Relapse Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.relapse.com

Next up is yet another rad new release from Fat-Wreck Chords! This time from San Francisco’s very own GET DEAD. Their new 7″ is called ‘Bygones’ and features a gorgeous piece of ‘Cyan Blue’ Vinyl w/ ‘Hot Pink’ Splatter. You gotta’ love the way that the cover art and vinyl match up so perfectly!

BAND:  Get Dead
LABEL: Fat Wreck Chords
LABEL WEBSITE: www.fat-wreck.com

Ottawa, Canada’s MONOBROW did a bang-up job with this brand new self-released 12″ LP of theirs called ‘Big Sky, Black Horse’. Choosing one version as ‘Milky Clear’ with White Haze and another as ‘Milky Clear’ with Black Haze was an awesome decision, and the artwork looks incredible! Kudos, dudes!

BAND:  Monobrow
BAND WEBSITE: www.monobrowmanband.bandcamp.com

Next up are three badass new releases form JOYFUL NOISE Recordings, two of which are eye-catching flexi-discs! This 12″ from SLEEPING BAG features an awesome piece of ‘Kelly Green’ / ‘Aqua Blue’ AsideBside Colored Vinyl and Matte Lamination Jackets!

BAND:  Deep Sleep
LABEL: Joyful Noise Recordings
LABEL: www.joyfulnoiserecordings.com

Check out this beautiful one-sided flexi from SLEEPING BAG, on Blue Material with Satin Silver Foil!

BAND:  Sleeping Bag
LABEL: Joyful Noise Recordings
LABEL: www.joyfulnoiserecordings.com

This One-Sided Flexi from SERENGETI is part of Joyful Noise’s 2014 Flexi-Disc Series, in which 12 of their favorite bands record one unreleased track, and all of these are limited to 1000pcs- Awesome idea!! This one features Black Foil Printing on Clear Material, which came out fantastically! Major props to Joyful Noise for doing this one in a 7″ Printed Innersleeve as well, the whole package looks incredible!

BAND:  Serengeti
LABEL: Joyful Noise Recordings
LABEL: www.joyfulnoiserecordings.com

From GENJING Records comes a brand new 7″ from AV Okubo entitled ‘Opium’! Going with ‘Halloween Orange’ / ‘Kelly Green’ AsideBside colored vinyl was a great choice for this one…

BAND:  AV Okubo
LABEL: Genjing Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.genjingrecords.com

That does it for this week! Thank you SO much for checking back in with us every week and supporting all of these awesome new vinyl releases. Enjoy your weekend, wax-fiends, and until next time…. VINYL RULES ALLLLL.


July 4th, 2014

Happy 4th of July, Everyone!

While I’m sure everyone is out grillin’ and enjoying the sun on this Friday, we’re back at it with another short but sweet RECORD OF THE WEEK blog! The top contender this time around is a super awesome self-released 12″ from CATAPULT THE DEAD! That ‘Swamp Green’ / ‘Orange Crush’ AsideBside Vinyl with Gold, ‘Dookie Brown’, and ‘Beer’ splatter was an insane choice, and the end-result came out amazingly! Everything from that eye-catching colored vinyl configuration to the ‘Classic Black’ vinyl and 300gsm Semi-Gloss Jackets make this one hell of an LP. Nice one, guys!!

BAND:  Catapult the Dead
BAND WEBSITE: www.catapulthedead.bandcamp.com

———————————— Honorable Mentions ———————————————

The first honorable mention this week is the brand new LP from Chicago’s COUNTERPUNCH, courtesy of El Hefe from NOFX’s label, Cyber Tracks! That ‘Orange Crush’ colored vinyl with ‘Red(ish)’ Splatter looks incredible! The entire package came out great, awesome!!

BAND: Counterpunch
LABEL: Cyber Tracks
LABEL WEBSITE: www.cyber-tracks.com

Next up is a gorgeous new release from JOYFUL NOISE Recordings! The Band is DIVORCEE, and their self-titled LP got the full-treatment, just check out that ‘Hot Pink’ / ‘Blood Red’ AsideBside vinyl with ‘Blood Red’ and ‘Oxblood’ Splatter… WOW.

BAND:  Divorcee
LABEL: Joyful Noise Recordings
LABEL WEBSITE: www.joyfulnoiserecordings.com

MAN OVERBOARD has been killing it in the pop-punk world for a while now, and this repress of their ‘Before We Met’ LP looks incredible! The ‘Grimace Purple’ and ‘Orange Crush’ w/ Heavy Black Splatter choices were spot-on, and that reverse-board gatefold jacket is a beast as well! I’m sure the band’s fans will be stoked on this repress!

BAND:  Man Overboard
LABEL:  Lost Tape Collective
LABEL WEBSITE: www.facebook.com/losttapecollective

From PIANOFIGHT comes a brand new 7″ entitled ‘Surf. Soul. Party.’ – Those matte lamination jackets suit the release and artwork perfectly, and this whole package and layout just looks super-classy.. Nice one!

BAND:  Pianofight Music Department
LABEL: PianoFight Music Department
LABEL: www.pianofight.com

In case you didn’t know, we make flexi-discs and even flexi-postcards! Just check out this awesome example from SEXX, thanks to Palaver Records! These are an awesome and fast alternative to 7″s if you need a quick promo-item to have for an upcoming tour or show… Get into it!

BAND:  Sexx
LABEL: Palaver Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.palaverrecords.com

Think Fast! Records is definitely one the cooler hardcore-labels out there these days, and this brand new 12″ LP from THE GEEKS is proof of that! The ‘Blood Red’ / ‘White’ Half-n-Half colored vinyl choice is an eye-catcher, as is the ‘Red(ish)’ / ‘Halloween Orange’ Half-n-Half version with Black Splatter.

BAND:  The Geeks
LABEL: Think Fast! Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.thinkfastrecords.com

That does it for this week’s blog! Enjoy your long weekend, and definitely stop by next Friday for another batch of the best wax out there… Until then, VINYL RULES ALLLLL.


June 27th, 2014

Hey All!

Friday has arrived once again and we’re back at it with another jam-packed RECORD OF THE WEEK blog! Starting things off this time around is an absolutely beautiful new 12″ LP Book Release from BLOOD AND SUN entitled ‘White Storms Fall’, courtesy of the always ambitious and impressive PESANTA URFOLK! This beast of a package features a custom casewrapped gatefold jacket with gold foil stamped printing, flood black printing on the insides, 2 velum pages on the insides that boarder 4 full color printed pages, as well as an affixed CD on the inside cover! If that wasn’t enough, this beauty comes with two versions of the 180g LP! The ‘Blood Red’ with ‘Gold’ Haze was an awesome choice for the colored vinyl too…. WOW, this is one of the more mind-blowing releases we’ve seen in a while. MAJOR props to Pesanta for absolutely destroying with this one!

BAND:  Blood and Sun
LABEL:  Pesanta Urfolk
LABEL WEBSITES: www.pesanta.com

———————————— Honorable Mentions ———————————————

The first honorable mention this week is an amazing shaped picture-disc release from Tim and Eric! Yes, the Tim and Eric of comedy fame! Tim & Eric recorded the record in character as the ’70s “swamp rock” band “Pusswhip Banggang,” which they introduced years ago on Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! This is a must-have for fans of the comedy-duo, and the release even includes an awesome heavyweight gatefold jacket! Get into it.

BAND: Pusswhip Banggang
LABEL: Drag City
LABEL WEBSITE: www.dragcity.com

Next up is an unsurprisingly impressive new 12″ LP from Nuclear War Now! Productions- Their release of SABBAT’s ‘Kill Fuck Jesus Christ’ features a gorgeous piece of ‘Piss Yellow’ vinyl with ‘Red(ish)’, ‘Blood Red’, Black, and ‘Bone’ Splatter as well as a 350gsm heavyweight jacket with flood black printing on the insides, and even a foldout A2 poster! Horns up, headbangers!!

BAND:  Sabbat
LABEL: Nuclear War Now! Productions
LABEL WEBSITE: www.nwnprod.com

This triple LP Box-Set from TLILTIC TLAPOYAUAK is absolutely insane! THE AJNA OFFENSIVE did an outstanding job with this one, just check out the Black/Silver AsideBside vinyl and Matte Laminated, Foil Stamped, Flood Printed Casewrapped Box! If that wasn’t enough, this monstrous package even includes a 20 page 12″ booklet and PMS-Printed Innersleeves for all 3 records! WHOA.

LABEL:  The Ajna Offensive
LABEL WEBSITE: www.theajnaoffensive.com

From GRAVEFACE Records comes a super-sweet repress of HAYLEY BONAR’s ‘Golder’ LP! Ever wonder what ‘Baby Pink’ vinyl w/ Gold Glitter Splatter looks like? Well here you have it! Definitely a unique and awesome idea for an equally awesome release!

BAND:  Hayley Bonar
LABEL: Graveface Records
LABEL: www.graveface.com

There is no denying that PURE NOISE Records has been pumping out one solid release after another these days, and these three are no exception! Check out this repress of THE STORY SO FAR’s ‘Songs Of’ EP, as well as HANDGUNS’ ‘Life Lessons’ LP, and a brand new LP from MY IRON LUNG!

BAND:  The Story So Far
LABEL: Pure Noise Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.purenoise.net

BAND:  Handguns
LABEL: Pure Noise Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.purenoise.net

BAND:  My Iron Lung
LABEL: Pure Noise Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.purenoise.net

RELAPSE Records killed it with this repress of NOTHING’s ‘Guilty of Everything’ LP! This version has all new artwork and colored vinyl, which looks incredible! The Tri-Color Striped configuration as well as the plain ‘Red(ish)’ versions were both awesome ideas, and the end-product turned out fantastic! Kudos to Relapse for always knocking it out of the park with their releases!

BAND:  Nothing
LABEL:  Relapse Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.relapse.com

Last but certainly not least is an eye-catching new shaped picture disc from LORD FINESSE entitled the ‘E-mu EP’! What an awesome idea, and it worked out perfectly! SLICE of SPICE Records always wows us with their shaped picture-disc releases, and this one falls in line with that trend! Nice!!

BAND:  Lord Finesse
LABEL:  Slice of Spice Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.slice-of-spice.com

That just about does it for this week’s RECORD OF THE WEEK blog! Thank you all for reading along, and we’ll see you at the same time and same place next week for another round of the latest and greatest wax out there!


June 20th, 2014

Hey Everyone!

We’re back at it once again with another vinyl-filled blog for all of you RECORD OF THE WEEK enthusiasts!  Kicking things off this week is a SUPER-insane double-repress of INQUISITION’s ‘Into the Infernal’ and ‘Ominous Doctrines’, courtesy of the almighty HELLS HEADBANGERS!   Both double LPs came out amazingly, just check out the ‘Blood Red’ / ‘Grey’ AsideBside with Black Splatter and ‘Ultra Clear’ w/ Blood Red, Black, and Grey Splatter versions of ‘Into the Infernal’!   ‘Ominous Doctrines’ got the full treatment as well, get a load of the ‘Royal Blue’ and ‘Blood Red’ pieces of wax with White and Black Splatter!  The D-Side of these even includes a custom laser-etching! Holy moly!!    If that wasn’t enough to convince you to grab one of these for yourself, each record comes housed in a Custom Die-Cut Trifold LP jacket with hot foil printing and also includes  a 12″ Booklet and Fold-Out Poster….. WHOA.  Need we say more? 

BAND:  Inquisition
LABEL:  Hells Headbangers
LABEL WEBSITES: www.hellsheadbangers.com

———————————— Honorable Mentions ———————————————

The first honorable mention this time around is rad new 7″ release from A-F Records and the HOMELESS GOSPEL CHOIR! The record is called ‘I Used To Be So Young’ and features three different and equally awesome colored vinyl configurations! The ‘Cokebottle Green’ and ‘Easter Yellow’ choices were spot-on, and that ‘White’ with Rainbow Splatter is out of control!

BAND: The Homeless Gospel Choir
LABEL: A-F Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.a-frecords.com

Next up is an intensely impressive new Texas-Shaped Picture Disc release from KIRTLAND Records and the Toadies! This is definitely one of the cooler shaped picture-discs we’ve seen in a while- Major props to Kirtland Records for killing it on this one!

BAND:  The Toadies
LABEL: Kirtland Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.kirtlandrecords.com

PURE NOISE Records never fails to wow us with their colored vinyl choices and configurations, and this new LP from VANNA is no exception! Check out that ‘Milky Clear’ / ‘Orange Crush’ Half-n-Half Vinyl w/ ‘Piss Yellow’ Splatter ONLY on the Clear Side! If that wasn’t enough that ‘Orange Crush’ / ‘Blood Red’ / Black Triple-AsideBside piece of wax looks absolutely insane!

BAND:  Vanna
LABEL:  Pure Noise Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.purenoise.net

REAPER Records is always reliable for an amazing looking, quality hardcore release, and the latest from SHEER TERROR is proof of that! This record has everything- ‘Deep Purple’ / ‘Royal Blue’ AsideBside, ‘Baby Pink’ / ‘Royal Blue’ Half-n-Half, and Grimace Purple vinyl configurations, Printed Innersleeves, Gatefold Jackets with a Gloss Lamination finish, and download cards to boot! I’m sure that any fan of Sheer Terror would be extremely excited about this one… Get into it!

BAND:  Sheer Terror
LABEL: Reaper Records
LABEL: www.reaper-records.com

From EAR TREK Records comes a brand new 12″ LP from DIFERENT! Everything from the matte lamination jackets to the full color inserts and ‘Piss Yellow’ vinyl w/ ‘Cyan Blue’ Splatter make this one hell of a release!

BAND: Diferent
LABEL: Ear Trek

A new release from BOOZE & GLORY is never a bad thing, and SAILORS GRAVE Records knocked it out of the park with their new LP, ‘As Bold as Brass’! That ‘Ultra Clear’ vinyl w/ White Haze looks incredible, as does the ‘Kelly Green’ w/ ‘Doublemint Splatter’! This beast also includes PMS printed labels and massive gatefold jackets! NICE!!

BAND:  Booze & Glory
LABEL:  Sailors Grave Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.sailorsgraverecords.com

And that wraps up this week’s RECORD OF THE WEEK! We sincerely hope you all enjoy your weekend, and make SURE to listen to as many records as possible ;) Keep the dream of vinyl alive and help us spread the word of the blog! Repost this link where you can and tell your friends… VINYL RULES ALLL!!


June 13th, 2014

Hey All!

We’re back at it yet again with another RECORD OF THE WEEK blog for you vinyl-hungry record lovers out there! Kicking things off this time around is a rad new 7″ from San Francisco’s POW!, courtesy of GRAZER Records! The Black and Electric Blue Vinyl combined with that 70′s-Style Top-Loading PMS Discobag make this one hell of a release. Major props to GRAZER for designing an awesome package, the end result looks amazing!

LABEL: Grazer Records
LABEL WEBSITES: www.grazerrecords.bigcartel.com

———————————— Honorable Mentions ———————————————

The first honorable mention this week is a brand new self-released double LP from LASHER KEEN! This thing is absolutely gorgeous, just check out that ‘Gold’ / ‘Red(ish)’ AsideBside vinyl! The ‘Black’ / ‘Gold’ AsideBside version with ‘Red(ish)’ splatter looks killer as well. If that wasn’t enough, this release also includes a 16 page 11″ booklet! NICE.

BAND: Lasher Keen
BAND WEBSITE: www.lasherkeen.net

From CARDIGAN Records comes a rad new 12″ LP from MUST BE THE HOLY GHOST! Check out that ‘Black’ – in – ‘Aqua Blue- Color-in-Color vinyl! Those 300gsm semi-gloss jackets were a nice touch as well…

BAND: Must Be the Holy Ghost
LABEL: Cardigan Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.cardiganrecords.com

TIM BARRY is back with an all new double LP entitled ‘Raising Hell & Living Cheap’, courtesy of CHUNKSAAH Records! That ‘Black’ / ‘Beer’ AsideBside Color-in-Color vinyl with Black Splatter looks incredible, as do the Reverse-Board Jackets!

BAND: Tim Barry
LABEL: Chunksaah Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.chunksaah.com

LEARNING CURVE Records did a bang-up job with this brand new LP from THE GRASSHOPPER LIES HEAVY. That ‘Doublemint’ in ‘Red(ish)’ color-in-color vinyl is out of control, and the ‘White’ with ‘Red(ish)’ and ‘Doublemint’ Splatter ain’t too bad either! ;)

BAND: The Grasshopper Lies Heavy
LABEL: Learning Curve Records
LABEL: www.learningcurverecords.com

This new Split 12″ between AUDESSEY and ACATCALLEDFRITZ came out fantastically- ‘Aqua Blue’ / ‘White’ #1 AsideBside Vinyl was a perfect choice to match that cover art, and the whole package just looks slick as hell… NICE!

BAND: Audessey / ACatCaalledFRITZ
LABEL: Slice of Spice Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.slice-of-spice.com

Finishing things off this week is a super-sweet new 7″ release from 8TH GRADER, thanks to TURNTABLE KITCHEN! The ‘Mustard’ and ‘Red(ish)’ in ‘Beer’ P5 Color-in-Color vinyl choices were perfect, and make the entire release look cohesive and impressive! Those matte-top-loading jackets are a nice touch as well… Rad!!

BAND: 8th Grader
LABEL: Turntable Kitchen
LABEL WEBSITE: www.turntablekitchen.com

That does it for this week’s blog! Thank you for the supper and continued attention, and please do us a favor and repost this link wherever you can! Support these bands and labels and spread the good word of the best vinyl out there!! Until next Friday… VINYL RULES ALLLL.


June 6th, 2014

Hey Everyone,

This week’s RECORD OF THE WEEK is pretttttty damn awesome if we can say so ourselves, just check this one out… RANCID’s Self-Titled 2000 LP, repressed on Glow-in-the-Dark Vinyl AND Printwork! That’s right, even the jackets glow! Rancid reissued this LP themselves, through their merch company Machete MFG, and I’m sure they couldn’t be more stoked with the end-result! We certainly love it! MAJOR props to the band for absolutely killing it with this one!

BAND:  Rancid
LABEL:  Machete Manufacturing
LABEL WEBSITES: www.machetemfg.com

———————————— Honorable Mentions ———————————————

The first honorable mention this is a gorgeous new 12″ LP from California’s very own HEART TO HEART, courtesy of Pure Noise Records! I can’t tell which colored vinyl configuration is more insane, the Bone / Black / Red(ish) Tri-Color Color-in Color version, or the Striped ‘Blood Red’ / ‘Piss Yellow’ / ‘Deep Purple’ Tri-Color choice… WHOA. What an amazing looking release… Kudos to Pure Noise for knocking it out of the park!

BAND:  Heart to Heart
LABEL: Pure Noise Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.purenoise.net

Fat Wreck Chords did a killer job with this brand new 7″ release from MAD CADDIES! The record is called ‘Brand New Scar’ and features some beautiful and appropriate ‘blood red’ colored vinyl.. Nice!

BAND:  Mad Caddies
LABEL: Fat Wreck Chords
BAND WEBSITE: www.fatwreck.com

Get a load of this bright and colorful new LP from OLGA BELL, brought to you by New Amsterdam Records! The hot gold foil printing on the front of the matte jacket was a perfect choice, and the package even includes a gatefold matte insert and download cards!

BAND:  Olga Bell
LABEL:  New Amsterdam Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.newamrecords.com

It’s always rad to see a new release from KOJI, and THE NATIVE SOUND did a bang-up job with the vinyl for his new 12″ LP! The ‘Electric Blue’ and ‘Ultra Clear’ colored vinyl picks were spot-on, they look great!

BAND:  Koji
LABEL: The Native Sound
LABEL: www.thenativesound.limitedrun.com

I SURRENDER Records went with ‘White’, and ‘Ultra Clear’ Vinyl w/ Black Splatter for this LP from FOUR YEAR STRONG, which came out fantastically!

BAND: Four Year Strong
LABEL: I Surrender Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.isurrenderrecords.com

Last but certainly not least is an insanely impressive new release from Nuclear War Now! Productions. The band is NUCLEARHAMMER, and this massive double LP of ‘Serpentine Hermetic Lucifer’ includes Spot PMS printed center labels, Printed Inserts, Gatefold Jackets with Flood Black Printing on the insides of the sleeves, a foldout poster, and two equally intense colored vinyl choices! The Silver w/ Black and Royal Blue Splatter looks incredible, as does the ‘Royal Blue’ with Silver and Black Splatter! Nice one, dudes!!

BAND:  Nuclearhammer
LABEL:  Nuclear War Now! Productions
LABEL WEBSITE: www.nwnprod.com

That just about wraps up this week’s RECORD OF THE WEEK blog! Thank you all for checking in and feasting your eyes on all of this beautiful vinyl, we always appreciate the support! See you next Friday for another round… Until then, VINYL. RULES. ALL.


May 30th, 2014

Hey Everyone!

We’re back with a handful of super-awesome new releases for your RECORD OF THE WEEK fix! Starting things off this time around is a brand new full-length from one of the midwest’s heaviest bands, ENABLER! Their new full-length is titled ‘La Fin Absolue Du Monde’ and was released by Creator-Destructor Records and The Compound on two different and equally awesome colored vinyl configurations. The ‘Halloween Orange’ / ‘Grey’ Half-n-Half choice is Creator-Destructor’s version, and the ‘Grey’ with, Orange, White and Black Splatter is the Compound’s version, which are now on sale in each label’s store, respectively. If that wasn’t enough, the release also features a 350gsm thick uncoated jacket, uncoated heavyweight insert, 180g vinyl, and a download card! NICE.

BAND:  Enabler
LABEL:  Creator-Destructor Records / The Compound
LABEL WEBSITES: www.creator-destructor.com / www.thecompoundrecs.com

———————————— Honorable Mentions ———————————————

The first honorable mention this week is a gorgeous repress of MIDNIGHT’s ‘Complete and Total Hell’, which HELLS HEADBANGERS did an amazing job with. The ‘Silver’ w/ Black Splatter was a perfect choice for this massive double LP, and those uncoated gatefold jackets are just awesome.

BAND:  Midnight
LABEL: Hells Headbangers
LABEL WEBSITE: www.hellsheadbangers.com

From ANCHORLESS Records comes a beautiful new 10″ from GREENHORN entitled ‘I Want More’. The ‘Baby Blue’ / ‘Baby Pink’ Half and Half Vinyl with ‘Easter Yellow’ Splatter was a brilliant idea, and pairs up with the artwork perfectly!

BAND:  Greenhorn
LABEL: Anchorless Records
BAND WEBSITE: www.anchorlessrecords.com

This new LP from ROMAN RUINS came out great, just check out that ‘Milky Clear’ Vinyl w/ ‘Cyan Blue’ Haze!The whole package looks cohesive and super slick… Awesome job, GOLD ROBOT Records!

BAND:  Roman Ruins
LABEL:  Gold Robot Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.gold-robot.com

INSURGENCE Records really knocked it out of the park with this new 10″ from THE PROWLERS. The Black and White Half-n-Half Vinyl and ‘Grey’ with ‘Red(ish)’ Splatter were both great choices, and the reverse-board jacket tops it off nicely!

BAND:  The Prowlers
LABEL: Insurgence Records
LABEL: www.insurgence.net

Perth, Australia’s MT. MOUNTAIN recently self-released this killer new 12″ on ‘Swamp Green’ / ‘Bone’ AsideBside Vinyl… What a looker! Awesome job, guys!

BAND: Mt. Mountain
BAND WEBSITE: https://www.facebook.com/mtmountainperth

Last but not least is an eye-catching new 12″ LP from MOURNFUL CONGREGATION, courtesy of 20 Buck Spin! ‘Bronze’ Colored Vinyl with Black Splatter was a spot-on choice for this layout, and that 350gsm jacket even includes flood-black printing on the insides… Rad!!

BAND:  Mournful Congregation
LABEL:  20 Buck Spin
LABEL WEBSITE: www.20buckspin.com

That does it for this week’s blog! Definitely check back next Friday for another round of your favorite new vinyl, and make SURE to have an awesome weekend, full of lots of records! Until next time… VINYL RULES ALLL.


May 23rd, 2014

Hey All!

The weekend has crept up on us once again, which means it’s time for another super-sweet RECORD OF THE WEEK blog! Even though a lot of us are at Punk Rock Bowling having the time of our lives, we would never forget about your weekly vinyl fix! Check out the top contender this time around, a brand new 7″ from San Francisco’s very own BUM-CITY SAINTS, courtesy of yours truly, Pirates Press Records! That ‘Black’ – in – ‘Blood Red’ #11 Color-in-Color configuration with White Splatter looks truly insane! The ‘White’ version with Black Splatter is also quite the eye-catcher. If that wasn’t enough, check out the Spot-UV Printed Reverse-Board Jackets! Major props to Bum-City Saints for such an awesome new EP!

BAND:  Bum-City Saints
LABEL:  Pirates Press Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.piratespressrecords.com

———————————— Honorable Mentions ———————————————

The first honorable mention this week is a massive triple-LP from THOU, thanks to Vitriol Records! This beast is called ‘Ceremonies of Humiliation’ and features three pieces of 180g wax, and a killer reverse-board triple gatefold jacket, with flood-black printing on the insides! WHOA.

BAND:  Thou
LABEL: Vitriol Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.vitriolrecords.com

Next up is an awesome new 12″ LP from the almighty new LUCERO. Check out that ‘Ultra Clear’ vinyl w/ ‘Cyan Blue’ and ‘Royal Blue’ Splatter! It was a great choice to print the jacket on the uncoated brown side of the 350gsm stock- the end result looks incredible!

BAND:  Lucero
LABEL: Texas and Tennessee
BAND WEBSITE: www.luceromusic.com

Ever wonder what ‘Orange Crush’ and ‘White’ Half-n-Half Colored Vinyl looks like with Black Splatter? Well, behold this beautiful new 180g 12″ LP from MACHINES LEARNING! Kudos dudes, this thing looks amazing!!

BAND:  Machines Learning
BAND WEBSITE: www.machineslearning.bandcamp.com

From JOYFUL NOISE Recordings comes an impressive new 12″ LP from YONATAN GAT. The record is called ‘Iberian Passage’ and features a picture disc, a standard black version, and a heavyweight matte jacket! Nice!!

BAND:  Yonatan Gat
LABEL: Joyful Noise Recordings
LABEL: www.joyfulnoiserecordings.com

Give it up to FLYING RUN Records for doing a bang-up job on this brand new LP from GRAYSON GILMOUR! That ‘Sea Blue’ in – ‘Electric Blue’ Color-in-Color Vinyl was an awesome idea, and turned out great! Those reverse-board thick jackets aren’t too shabby either ;)

BAND:  Grayson Gilmour
LABEL:  Flying Nun Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.flyingnun.co.nz

VIKING MOSES just came out with this new 12″ entitled ‘Jahilyah’, and they made some killer choices with the ‘Oxblood’ and ‘Bronze’ colored vinyl! That die-cut Gatefold Jacket was a nice touch as well…

BAND:  Viking Moses
LABEL: The Epiphysis Foundation
LABEL WEBSITE: https://www.facebook.com/epiphysis

Last but certainly not least is an impressive new double LP release from Favonian Records and BOTANIST! This one is called ‘III: Doom in Bloom’ and includes some righteous ‘Black’ and ‘White’ AsideBside Vinyl. Those matte gatefold jackets are intensely cool as well!

BAND:  Botanist
LABEL:  Favonian Records
LABEL WEBSITE:  http://www.botanist.nu/favonian/reviewone.htm

That just about wraps up this week’s blog! Make sure to check back with us next week for another round of the best new wax out there! Spread that good word of RECORD OF THE WEEK, and support all of these bands/records! Until next week… VINYL RULES ALLL.


May 16th, 2014

We’re back with another RECORD OF THE WEEK blog for all you vinyl faithfuls!   We had to pat ourselves on the back this time around for an outstanding looking re-press of BISHOPS GREEN’S new album “PRESSURE”!  We couldn’t have asked for a better end product, and for all of you that haven’t ordered this gem of a record, now is your chance!  Hell, this might be the coolest version yet!  ;)  If you haven’t checked this band out yet, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syMDADrZoA4

BAND:  Bishops Green
LABEL:  Pirates Press Records
LABEL WEBSITE:   www.piratespressrecords.com 

———————————— Honorable Mentions ———————————————

This week’s blog honorable mention is sure to please the headbangers out there.. DARK SYMPHONIES went above and beyond with both of these releases from ABSU and SACRIFICIAL! The ABSU double LP box set is available in either half and half ‘Gold’ and ‘Silver’ or ‘Classic Black’ hosed in heavyweight jackets all inside an 12×12 uncoated box! The SACRIFICIAL Double LP comes in either in ‘Classic Black’ or A/Side B/Side ‘Mustard Yellow’ and ‘Solid Red’ all housed in a triple LP gatefold! I can hear the heaviness by just looking at these beasts!!  

LABEL:  Dark Symphonies
LABEL WEBSITE:  www.darksymphonies.com

LABEL:  Dark Symphonies
LABEL WEBSITE:  www.darksymphonies.com

LOVE the gold foil stamping for this new release by INCENDIARY AND SUBURBAN SCUM.   Great color choices as well!!

LABEL: Closed Casket Activities
LABEL WEBSITE: www.closedcasketactivities.com

RUN FOR COVER has been killin’ it lately and this re-press of BASEMENT’S ‘COLORMEINKINDNESS’ certainly adds to that list…. Awesome!!

LABEL: Run For Cover Records
LABEL WEBSITE:   www.runforcoverecords.com

Check out the debut LP from San Francisco’s COCKTAILS brought to you buy Father/Daughter Records! This power pop gem looks great and that ‘Orange Crush’ haze is spot on with the cover art. Great Job!!

LABEL:  Father/Daughter
LABEL WEBSITE:  www.fatherdaughterrecords.com 

ORTROTASCE’s new LP was pressed in “Classic Black” and inserted into a thick spot gloss black on black jacket along with a custom black on black insert… Looks great, guys!! 

LABEL: Disko Obscura
LABEL WEBSITE:   www.diskoobscura.com

Last but not least is a 12″ release of the BROWN BUNNY soundtrack! This heavyweight 12″ is housed in a gatefold case-wrapped jacket and it looks incredible!  I’m sold!  Definitely one for the collection here…

LABEL:  Rocket Distribution
LABEL WEBSITE:  www.http://rocketdistribution.com.au

We hope you guys enjoyed this batch of awesome wax!!   Let us know which pick was your favorite this time around, and please repost!  We’ll see you next week at the same time…..Until then, VINYL RULES ALL!