February 3rd, 2010

Hey Everyone!

What an ENORMOUS and awesome batch of records we have for you this week! So many great packages by amazing bands… Enjoy!

The first record this week, which is undoubtedly the RECORD OF THE WEEK is the new triple gatefold LP from the almighty CLUTCH!! With a diecut cover, a semi-gloss jacket with foil embossing, and two silver foil-printed innersleeves, this one takes the cake!!! On top of all that, check out the ultra clear vinyl, as this is a double LP. The record also comes in “Beer”, “Milky Clear and Beer A Side/ B Side”, and “Beer and Milky Clear A Side/ B Side” vinyl…. Amazing! Keep up the insane work, dudes!

BAND: Clutch
LABEL: Weathermaker Music
LABEL WEBSITE: www.weathermakermusic.com

From EMETIC RECORDS come two awesome reissues from heavy metal legends PENTAGRAM! Both LPs are printed on super-gloss gatefold jackets, and “Sub-Basement” and “Review Your Choices” include grey with brown haze vinyl, as well as brown with grey haze vinyl, respectively. Good work guys!!

BAND: Pentagram
LABEL: Emetic Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.emeticrecords.com

Up next is another crazy package from VITRIOL RECORDS. This time, it is the new record from Southern California’s hardcore warriors DANGERS, entitled “Messy, Isn’t It?” This beast comes with a printed heavy-stock innersleeve and transparent red vinyl. The jacket itself comes in the form of a fold-out poster with a CD attached on a spindle. NICE!!

BAND: Dangers
LABEL: Vitriol Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.graforlock.com/vitriol

The new record from TALKING MOUNTAIN is a simple, but aesthetically pleasing package. Printed on semi-gloss stock, this colorful jacket includes a transparent blue record with red splatter. Rad!

BAND: Talking Mountain
LABEL: Slumber Party Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.slumberpartyrecords.com

From Endemik Records comes a classy new 10” from PRINZENALLEE, featuring white vinyl with blue splatter. Check this one out!!

BAND: Prinzenallee
LABEL: Endemik Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.endemikrecords.com

Another badass 10” this week, from xTRUEx RECORDS. This semi-gloss black and ominous jacket comes with a foldout poster as well as classic black vinyl record! The band is COPE, don’t miss this one!

BAND: Cope
LABEL: xTruex Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.xtruexrecords.com

This 7” from DESOLATION features some elaborate and impressive black and white artwork, as well as a printed insert and two different vinyl configurations!

BAND: Desolation
LABEL: Prank Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.prankrecords.com

Another awesome 7” from MIDNIGHT JUGGERNAUTS! The record is titled “This New Technology” and is printed on matte stock and includes both orange, and orange/blue a side/b side vinyl. Nice!!

BAND: Midnight Juggernauts
LABEL: Acephale Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.acephalerecords.com

Anddddd ANOTHER rad 7” from OUTSIDERS WAY! We had to include this simple because of the sweet picture of these Japanese punks on the back-cover!

BAND: Outsiders Way
LABEL: Fade-In Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.fade-in.jp

From BURIED BY TIME AND DUST RECORDS comes this awesome new 12” form SAINT VITUS! A classic black record and fold out semi-gloss booklet come inside a semi-gloss jacket with embossing on the logo! This badboy also comes with a wraparound obi-strip.

BAND: Saint Vitus
LABEL: Buried by Time and Dust Records

Last but not least is an impressive new ultra-clear 12” inside a printed polybag! The band is THE SEVEN FIELDS OF APHELION, and the label is GRAVEFACE RECORDS. Keep up the great work!

BAND: The Seven Fields of Aphelion
LABEL: Graveface Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.graveface.com

That’s it for this week’s RECORD OF THE WEEK! We hope you enjoyed the featured packages this week, and a sincere thank you from all the Pirates for your continued support and enthusiasm!! Vinyl Rules all!!


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