February 16th, 2011

Hey All!

This week’s RECORD OF THE WEEK is full of some amazing vinyl and the top dog is a Pirate favorite…SCREECHING WEASEL!

Not satisfied to rest on their laurels, Screeching Weasel recently reformed and completed their first new material in 11 years. Comprised of 14 tracks, First World Manifesto has all the hallmarks of an instant Weasel classic. Pressed on Gold Vinyl and Classic Black Vinyl and packaged in a gatefold jacket, you can be sure this will be spinning in our office for weeks to come!

LABEL: Fat Wreck
LABEL WEBSITE: www.fatwreck.com

—————————- Honorable Mentions ————————————–

Our first honorable mention is in honor of Valentine’s Day and it’s MIKEY ERG’s brand new Heart-Shaped 12” release!

This special limited-run release comes in Red, Black, and Gold, and features two brand new songs entitled “Key of C, Fix It, Stop It”, and “Little Hands of Concrete”. 300 were pressed on Red, 100 on Black, and 100 on gold, so get yours now while they’re still available!

BAND: Mikey Erg
LABEL: Paper + Plastick
LABEL WEBSITE: www.paperandplastick.com

Check out this brand new LP from the Bay Area’s very own UNTIL YOUR HEART STOPS! Check out the 3mm spine matte jacket, “Royal Blue”, and “White” Vinyl! If you are a fan of progressive hardcore in the vein of Modern Life is War and Converge, give this record a listen!

BAND: Until Your Heart Stops
LABEL: Creator-Destructor
LABEL WEBSITE: www.creator-destructor.com

Next up is a killer new 12” release from WINDMILLS BY THE OCEAN! This badboy comes with a semi-gloss jacket, and 3 different vinyl configurations! Check out the “Black and Grimace Purple” A Side / B Side with Black and Purple Splatter, “Grey and Silver” nuclear vinyl, and “Classic Black”… Wow!!

BAND: Windmills by the Ocean
LABEL: Robotic Empire
LABEL WEBSITE: www.roboticempire.com

Check out the new picture disc release from MASTER MUSICIANS OF BUKKAKE! Great name and an even greater lookin’ record…

BAND: Master Musicians of Bukkake
LABEL: Important Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.importantrecords.com

This brand new 7” from BATHS was printed on a reverse-board jacket, and includes an option of two different vinyl configurations: “White” and “Classic Black”… Nice!

BAND: Baths
LABEL: Anticon Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.anticon.com

THE SUNNY ERA’s new LP features some awesome “Blood Red” vinyl, and came out looking super classy… Keep it up guys!

BAND: The Sunny Era
LABEL: Dobra Silenus Records

The new LP from BIGOTT is entitled “This is the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship”, and comes with a semi-gloss 3mm spine jacket, as well as a “Classic Black” piece of wax!

BAND: Bigott
LABEL: Kudeta Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.kudetalosangeles.com

The newest release from LIDO PIMIENTO is called “Color LP”, and is just that…. Colorful!! The “Grimace Purple” was a great choice for this one…. Great job, Kudeta!

BAND: Lido Pimiento
LABEL: Kudeta Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.kudetalosangeles.com

In need of an Oi fix? Well you’re in luck! THE HARRINGTON SAINTS are back at ya’ with an awesome new 7” entitled “Machine Guns and Molotovs”… The Orange foil made the cover look incredible for this one!

BAND: Harrington Saints
LABEL: Longshot Music
LABEL WEBSITE: www.longshotmusic.com

For your weekly dose of metal, we have a stunning new double LP from INQUISITION! This beast comes with two “Classic Black” records, and one of them has an awesome satanic etching on the B-Side….Raise your horns!!

BAND: Inquisition
LABEL: Hells Headbangers
LABEL WEBSITE: www.hellsheadbangers.com

The new LP from T.Rex is called “Tanx”, and comes with a super-gloss gatefold jacket as well as a piece of “Classic Black” vinyl… Rad!

BAND: T. Rex
LABEL: Fat Possum Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.fatpossum.com

Last but not least is a killer new 12” from SUMMER PEOPLE! Get a load of the two awesome vinyl options: “Blood Red” and “Bone”

BAND: Summer People
LABEL: Red Leader Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.redleaderrecords.com

We hope you enjoyed all of these awesome vinyl releases as much as we did! Check back next week for another slew of your favorite vinyl records… Until then, VINYL RULES ALL!


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