February 3rd, 2012

Hey All!

Another week has come to its end, so you know its time for another vinyl-filled RECORD OF THE WEEK blog!! We had an insane amount of records come in this week (45 palettes to be exact, check out the picture at the bottom of the blog!), so it was definitely hard to choose the top contenders this time around. However, I think we did a pretty good job… Just get a load of these insane releases!!

The undisputed RECORD OF THE WEEK this time around comes from the almighty HELLS HEADBANGERS Records, with their newest release from PROFANATICA! Aside from the amazingly blasphemous artwork, this insane package features laser etching around the outer rim of all 4 sides of the release, as well as music which only goes up to 10 inches of the 12” record! Very, VERY cool!! The etching and printed picture disc sleeves were a nice touch as well….Horns up, guys!!

BAND: Profanatica
LABEL: Hells Headbangers
LABEL WEBSITE: www.hellsheadbangers.com

—————————————— Honorable Mentions ————————————-

The first honorable mention this week comes from the massively successful SLEIGH BELLS! This electro-dance two-piece have created something pretty awesome for their 2nd full length…just check out ALL of those printed inserts! On top of that, the printed innersleeve and gatefold jacket make this a total beast of a record…Great job, dude and lady!!

BAND: Sleigh Bells
LABEL: Mom and Pop Music
LABEL WEBSITE: www.momandpopmusic.com

Check out the crazy vinyl configurations included in this new record from PHANTOMS! The Neapolitan idea came out fantastic, and yes, it makes me want a milkhake….Just another example of all the craziness you can come up with by taking advantage of our various vinyl options… Awesome!!

BAND: Phantoms

New from RISE RECORDS comes the latest offering from Michigan’s pop-punk heroes in CHEAP GIRLS! Very sleek, nice looking package…we definitely dig it! This band is doing very cool things, so be on the lookout for them in 2012!

BAND: Cheap Girls
LABEL: Rise Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.riserecords.com

This new release from SHARKS features A Side/B Side, Color in Color, AND Tri-Color vinyl options…Now THAT’s what I’m talking about! Love it when labels and bands mix it up like this… The record looks killer! Rise Records is definitely killin’ it lately…

BAND: Sharks
LABEL: Rise Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.riserecords.com

Talk about a colorful release! This new 7” from WARBRAIN is simply badass. Who doesn’t love wolves and splattered records?? NO ONE!

BAND: Warbrain
LABEL: Trial and Error

These two new LPs from VARATHRON are pretty nuts…. Nuclear War Now! Productions never lets up!! Headbangers rejoice!!

BAND: Varathron
LABEL: Nuclear War Now! Productions
LABEL WEBSITE: www.nwnprod.com

Even though this is a repress, we HAD to include this “Doombox” release from GRAF ORLOCK! If you have never seen this before, then prepare to have your mind blown. This 10” jacket folds out to an actual life-size boombox. Amazing. Gotta’ love VITRIOL RECORDS!

BAND: Graf Orlock
LABEL: Vitriol Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.graforlock.com/vitriol

Continuing on with another repress is FLATFOOT 56’s “Black Thorn” LP! The “Ultra Clear” w/ brown splatter was a sweet choice… Kill it out on the road, guys!!

BAND: Flatfoot 56
LABEL: Ollie Mob Records
Last but not least is a repress from the Bay Area’s very own MAGIC BULLETS! For all fans of indie-rock and good ol’ fashioned rock n’ roll that’ll make you want to dance, Look no further! This is your new favorite record. If you dig it, definitely check out these guys’ new band, the TERRY MALTS. We featured their LP last week in the blog, and we highly encourage you to give it a spin!

BAND: Magic Bullets
LABEL: Mon Amie Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.monamierecords.com

That’s what we have for you this week! We appreciate all the awesome feedback on the blog, and it doesn’t go unnoticed!! Until next week, VINYL RULES ALL!!

(Our insane 45 palette shipment this week!)


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