July 19th, 2013

Hey Everyone!

Friday has arrived once again, and we’re back with another HUGE batch of sweet new vinyl records for your consumption! We can’t say we weren’t excited to see this week’s top contender pop up at the office!   FAT did a great job with this reissue of PROPAGANDHI’s debut LP, “How To Clean Everything”, and that custom ‘Turquoise’ and ‘Golden Yellow’ AsideBside vinyl couldn’t be more perfect!    The Black Vinyl as well as the exclusive ‘Fat Store’ version look great as well…. I’m sure fans of Fat-Classic will be jumping to get their hands on this one!

BAND:  Propagandhi
LABEL: Fat Wreck Chords
LABEL WEBSITE: www.fatwreck.com

———————————— Honorable Mentions ———————————————

The first honorable mention this week is a gorgeous new 7″ from PELICAN, courtesy of The Mylene Sheath! The Gloss UV Varnish Jackets look great, as do all 5 colored vinyl configurations! That ‘Grey’ / ‘White’ Half-n-Half version is just perfect, and the ‘Grey’ in ‘Ultra Clear’ P15 is awesome as well!

BAND:  Pelican
LABEL: The Mylene Sheath
LABEL WEBSITE: www.mylenesheath.com

Check out this colorful new 7″ release from THE MENDITION OF THE QUAY. The ‘Ultra Clear’, ‘Doublemint’, and ‘Baby Pink’ were all perfect choices!

BAND:  The Mendition of the Quay
BAND WEBSITE: www.facebook.com/themenditionofthequay

A389 went ALL out with this killer repress of INTEGRITY’s latest LP- They went with pretty much every option a colored-vinyl fan could ask for- The splattered, tri-color, color-in-color, and AsideBside w/ Splatter versions all look insane!!

BAND:  Integriy
LABEL: A389 Recordings
LABEL WEBSITE: www.A389records.com

You gotta’ love the simplicity and grim-ness of this new 10″ from RADIOACTIVE VOMIT. The reverse-board black and white 10″ Jackets and Printed Inserts were a wise-choice, and the whole release looks pretty slick! That’s also one of the best band names we’ve heard in a while….

BAND:  Radioactive Vomit
LABEL: Abominate Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.abomindaterecords.bigcartel.com

Panic State Records did a great job with this repress of “Viva”, the most recent 7″ release from THE MOMS! That ‘Ultra Clear’ Vinyl w/ ‘Highlighter Yellow’ Haze and Splatter was a spot-on choice to match the cover-art! NICE.

BAND:  The Moms
LABEL: Panic State Records
LABEL WEBSITE: www.panicstaterecords.com

NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS has been killin’ it lately with their vinyl releases! Check out these three recent (and equally awesome) represses from SOILWORK, SUFFOCATION, and KADAVAR!

BAND:  Soilwork
BAND WEBSITE: www.nuclearblast.com

BAND:  Suffocation
BAND WEBSITE: www.nuclearblast.com

BAND:  Kadavar
BAND WEBSITE: www.nuclearblast.com

From FLENSER Records comes a brand new split LP release between VESTIGES and PANOPTICON! Kudos to FLENSER for the rad idea of doing a split LP release, and the package looks great to boot! The gatefold jackets came out fantastic, as did the Color-in-Color and Splattered vinyl configurations!

BAND:  Vestiges/Panopticon
LABEL: The Flenser
BAND WEBSITE: www.theflenser.com

Century Media did a great job with this new live 7″ release from Canada’s metal-warriors in 3 Inches of Blood!

BAND:  3 Inches of Blood
LABEL: Century Media Records
BAND WEBSITE: www.centurymedia.com

Last but not least is an enormous new release from Relapse Records and WINDHAND! Their new double LP is entitled ‘”Soma”, and it includes 5 different options of heavyweight 180g colored vinyl! That combined with the reverse-board gatefold jacket w/ Spot UV printing make this one BEAST of a double-LP! Awesome.

BAND:  Windhand
LABEL: Relapse Records
BAND WEBSITE: www.relapse.com

WHOA, that was a lot of new wax! We hope all of you enjoyed these new and impressive vinyl releases, and as always, make sure to check back next week for another round! Until next week… VINYL. RULES. ALL.

-Pirates Press

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