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Record of the Week: 03/18/2022

With the right color combination, even seemingly simple configurations can create impressive results! This week’s record uses only a single color base, but the contrasting black & white heavy Splatter elevates it to a dynamic work of vinyl art! With our industry-leading selection of colored vinyl, find the right combination for your project is what it’s all about!

Record of the Week: 03/04/2022

A constant source of amazement when pressing records is how disparate colors will interact when combined. This week’s record features ‘Silver’ vinyl & Neon vinyl combined in an AsideBside configuration, topped off with 2 different Splatter colors! This end result is truly unique and unforgettable!

Record of the Week: 02/04/2022

Check out this fiery example of our deluxe Galaxy configuration, which looks like it could be a star itself! The results with this specialized pressing process are always impressive, and experimenting with different bright and/or dark color combinations creates dramatic, attention grabbing effects! With a Galaxy configuration, the sky’s the limit!

Record of the Week: 01/28/2022

Many of our deluxe vinyl configurations offer specialized pressing options, as seen in this Butterfly configuration! Records pressed with this technique offer the option of adding Splatter that only appears on the “wings,” as opposed to all over the record. Our reps can familiarize you with all the options to create something visually striking!

Record of the Week: 01/21/2022

One of the most fascinating things about our endless combinations of vinyl colors and configurations is seeing the different ways that colors interact with one another, as seen in this Twist configuration! Experimenting with different transparent and opaque colors can produce truly unique results…let us help guide you through the spectacular combinations you can make!

Record of the Week: 01/14/2022

Our Neon vinyl colors add a “pop” to any configuration, like this AsideBside configuration with Splatter, which incorporates two Neon colors along with black to create a result that truly demands attention!

Record of the Week: 12/30/2021

In looking forward to the year ahead, we always like to start off with something bright and cheery, and it doesn’t get much brighter than this Splatter configuration with Neon vinyl colors! With all the optimism we can muster, we wish you a 2022 that is as bright as this record!

Record of the Week: 12/23/2021

With Christmas approaching this weekend, we wanted to present this festive and colorful Splatter vinyl record! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all who are celebrating!

Record of the Week: 12/03/2021

This week’s record shows off our beautiful Twist configuration, utilizing Neon orange and two shades of blue! Get creative by pairing any 3 of our color offerings for a unique and eye-catching record that any collector will want to have.