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NOi!SE – “Mass Apathy”

It seems like every day now we as a nation are faced with another senseless act of shooting and lives are lost. True to their punk roots, NOi!SE tackles these issues of senseless violence head-on, and more specifically here with…

NOi!SE – “The Real Enemy”

PIRATES PRESS RECORDS is coming at you hard and fast with a brand new full-length from Washington based powerhouse, NOi!SE. True to form, “The Real Enemy” is undoubtedly going to be hailed as a timeless…

Red Fang – “Only Ghosts”

After three years of vigorously touring the world, RED FANG re-emerge with their greatest and latest full-length album, “Only Ghosts”, consisting of 10 new tracks of the band’s signature, high-impact, hook-filled, hard rock.