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Record of the Week: 04/08/2022

This week we are featuring our deluxe Cloudy Effect configuration in an eye-catching bright green! The specialized pressing process that creates Cloudy vinyl works best with transparent or translucent colors to create an impressive overall effect with fine details that bear close examination!

Record of the Week: 04/01/2022

We are always excited to see a new color combination put through our deluxe AsideBside configuration. When you combine brightly colored vinyl and add in three Splatter colors, you can count on a visually explosive record with wild details that grab the eyeballs and refuse to let go!

Record of the Week: 03/25/2022

Our deluxe vinyl configurations can create records like you’ve never seen before! Check out this week’s example of our Moon Phase configuration with two Splatter colors! With a combination of transparent and opaque colors, you can create an unforgettable work of vinyl art!

Record of the Week: 03/18/2022

With the right color combination, even seemingly simple configurations can create impressive results! This week’s record uses only a single color base, but the contrasting black & white heavy Splatter elevates it to a dynamic work of vinyl art! With our industry-leading selection of colored vinyl, find the right combination for your project is what it’s all about!

Record of the Week: 03/11/2022

This week’s featured record is an absolutely gorgeous example of our Half-n-Half vinyl configuration with an eye-grabbing Splatter that really takes it to the next level! This beautiful record is one you can’t ignore!

Record of the Week: 03/04/2022

A constant source of amazement when pressing records is how disparate colors will interact when combined. This week’s record features ‘Silver’ vinyl & Neon vinyl combined in an AsideBside configuration, topped off with 2 different Splatter colors! This end result is truly unique and unforgettable!

Record of the Week: 02/25/2022

This week’s record features a Half-n-Half configuration with Splatter! Combining different elements like the bold black Splatter with the more subtle transition between blue & green transparent colors creates an overall striking visual impact!

Record of the Week: 02/18/2022

This week’s record features an AsideBside Tri-Color configuration! Without a doubt, our deluxe AsideBside configuration consistently produces some of the most interesting vinyl coming off our production lines. But even that can be taken to the next level. While a standard AsideBside pressing involves two colors, we have the capability to use up to three, as seen here! The results speak for themselves!

Record of the Week: 02/11/2022

Happy Valentine’s Day! Want to send a love letter to your fans? Consider pressing your record on Heart-Shaped Vinyl, like this record, which also incorporates Splatter! It’s just one of several options we offer in terms of custom die-cut shapes. You can choose a “standard” shape or even work with your rep to create something totally custom and unique!

Record of the Week: 02/04/2022

Check out this fiery example of our deluxe Galaxy configuration, which looks like it could be a star itself! The results with this specialized pressing process are always impressive, and experimenting with different bright and/or dark color combinations creates dramatic, attention grabbing effects! With a Galaxy configuration, the sky’s the limit!