Record of the Week: 11/18/2022

One combination that never fails to produce dramatic results is contrasting opaque vinyl colors in an AsideBside configuration! This week’s featured record could be called a gold record with a dark side, as it combines Gold and Black vinyl!

Record of the Week: 11/11/2022

Believe it or not, the intricate and gorgeous color interactions seen in this week’s featured record are the result of combining two opaque colors in our deluxe Galaxy configuration! Cosmic!

Record of the Week: 10/14/2022

This incredibly vibrant combination of cool vinyl colors practically glows when held to the light! This owes to the combination of one opaque and one transparent color, really showing off the complexity and potential of our deluxe Galaxy configuration!

Record of the Week: 09/30/2022

This week’s featured record shows off a bright & bold combination of colors in an AsideBside configuration. The contrasting heavy black Splatter adds an explosive energy to this attention-grabbing piece of vinyl!

Record of the Week: 09/23/2022

Our UV Printed 12″ Vinyl is truly the next evolution of creating artwork on records. Unlike a picture disc, records using this process have high definition art printed directly to the surface of the vinyl! This also allows for much higher sound quality on the flipside, with actual vinyl grooves rather than the plastic casing of a picture disc. The process results in both better sound and better quality artwork…the best of both worlds!

Record of the Week: 09/16/2022

The addition of heavy, bold Splatter to this AsideBside configuration of contrasting opaque colors gives this week’s record a vibrant kinetic energy! This record looks ready to explode – even when it’s standing still!