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Record of the Week: 12/30/2021

In looking forward to the year ahead, we always like to start off with something bright and cheery, and it doesn’t get much brighter than this Splatter configuration with Neon vinyl colors! With all the optimism we can muster, we wish you a 2022 that is as bright as this record!

Record of the Week: 07/16/2021

This week’s featured record shows off our awesome Cloudy configuration with black Splatter that really makes that blue pop! Cloudy is one of several new vinyl configurations that we now have available.

Record of the Week: 05/21/2021

This week’s record shows off our popular new Butterfly configuration, with Splatter! The bold primary colors here create both contrasting and blended areas within the “wings,” and the splatter adds an extra dynamic to take it to the next level!

Record of the Week: 04/09/2021

This week’s record is a masterful execution of contrasting colors! This tri-color Striped vinyl with Splatter showcases how creativity and a feel for how certain colors put together will give you a gorgeous record!

Record of the Week: 11/13/2020

This week‘s Record of the Week must be seen to be believed! This mind-bending, eye-popping effect is a combination of our AsideBside configuration with a Splatter! The incredible finished product speaks for itself!

Record of the Week: 11/06/2020

This week‘s Record of the Week shows off an incredible example of our Stripes configuration, shown here with Splatter! With bold colors and a contrasting splatter, you can see how this configuration takes the visual impact of the record to the next level!