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Record of the Week: 05/13/2022

This week’s featured record shows off a bold example of what is possible with our deluxe Butterfly configuration, taken to the next level with a Splatter that looks almost painted on the “wings.” Using this pressing technique, you can choose to have Splatter all over the record or only over certain colors!

Record of the Week: 01/28/2022

Many of our deluxe vinyl configurations offer specialized pressing options, as seen in this Butterfly configuration! Records pressed with this technique offer the option of adding Splatter that only appears on the “wings,” as opposed to all over the record. Our reps can familiarize you with all the options to create something visually striking!

Record of the Week: 05/21/2021

This week’s record shows off our popular new Butterfly configuration, with Splatter! The bold primary colors here create both contrasting and blended areas within the “wings,” and the splatter adds an extra dynamic to take it to the next level!

Record of the Week: 03/19/2021

This week’s record showcases another example of an amazing new vinyl configuration – Butterfly with 2 Color Splatter! You can get vinyl made in this configuration without splatter, or with 1 or 2 splatter colors on the “wings.”