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Record of the Week: 08/11/2023

The specialized pressing process employed to create Cloudy Effect vinyl works especially amazing with transparent colors, creating a striking overall impact and fine details that demand a closer look!

Record of the Week: 04/08/2022

This week we are featuring our deluxe Cloudy Effect configuration in an eye-catching bright green! The specialized pressing process that creates Cloudy vinyl works best with transparent or translucent colors to create an impressive overall effect with fine details that bear close examination!

Record of the Week: 11/12/2021

This week we present yet another killer example our our incredible Cloudy Effect vinyl! This specialized pressing process never fails to produce stunning results, making every pressing unique and every record one-of-a-kind!

Record of the Week: 10/15/2021

This week’s Record of the Week features our deluxe Cloudy Effect vinyl configuration. Cloudy style vinyl utilizes a specialized pressing process to create dramatic visual effects like the ones you see here! When you use this configuration, each record off the press will be one of a kind!

Record of the Week: 07/16/2021

This week’s featured record shows off our awesome Cloudy configuration with black Splatter that really makes that blue pop! Cloudy is one of several new vinyl configurations that we now have available.