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Record of the Week: 11/11/2022

Believe it or not, the intricate and gorgeous color interactions seen in this week’s featured record are the result of combining two opaque colors in our deluxe Galaxy configuration! Cosmic!

Record of the Week: 10/14/2022

This incredibly vibrant combination of cool vinyl colors practically glows when held to the light! This owes to the combination of one opaque and one transparent color, really showing off the complexity and potential of our deluxe Galaxy configuration!

Record of the Week: 07/15/2022

We are certainly living in fascinating times, as the Webb space telescope sends us back photos of galaxies from farther back in time and space than we have ever been capable of witnessing before! Meanwhile, here on Earth, your favorite Pirates aren’t discovering the origins of the universe, but we are pretty impressed with the visual results we get from our deluxe Galaxy pressing configuration! You can now incorporate up to three colors in a Galaxy mix, as is the case with this week’s featured Tri-Color blend, which combines two opaque colors with clear vinyl!

Record of the Week: 02/04/2022

Check out this fiery example of our deluxe Galaxy configuration, which looks like it could be a star itself! The results with this specialized pressing process are always impressive, and experimenting with different bright and/or dark color combinations creates dramatic, attention grabbing effects! With a Galaxy configuration, the sky’s the limit!

Record of the Week: 11/26/2021

This week’s record shows off a gorgeous example of what is possible with our Galaxy style vinyl! Depending on the color combinations you choose, this versatile configuration can produce results ranging from bright and colorful to dark and mysterious like the record you see here!

Record of the Week: 09/24/2021

This week’s record shows off our always stunning Galaxy vinyl! Galaxy can be either a two- or three-colored configuration. When using transparent colors, it appears best when held up to the light! And although we won’t reveal the exact colors for this picture, you’d be surprised what two colors were used to make this gorgeous record!

Record of the Week: 10/23/2020

This week‘s Record of the Week is an incredible example of our Galaxy style vinyl configuration! This out-of-this-world pressing process produces absolutely some of the most distinctive and visually captivating records you’ve ever laid eyes on, with the kind of cosmic swirls you’d normally need a space telescope to see! When combined with our color options, the possibilities are nearly as limitless as the universe itself!