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Record of the Week: 07/14/2023

The eye-catching effect of this week’s featured record is accomplished with one transparent vinyl color and one opaque vinyl color in a Half-n-Half configuration, while using the same opaque color for Splatter!

Record of the Week: 08/12/2022

This week’s featured record combines our Color-in-Color and Half-n-Half configurations, placing opaque black vinyl inside a Half-n-Half of two transparent colors. The addition of 3 opaque Splatter colors puts the finishing touch on this eye-catching, layered piece of vinyl art!

Record of the Week: 05/06/2022

Can’t decide which vinyl configuration is your favorite? Talk to your rep about custom Combinations, like this week’s fantastic featured record, which utilizes both Color-in-Color and Half-n-Half pressing processes, along with two Splatter colors, to create a truly remarkable finished product!

Record of the Week: 03/11/2022

This week’s featured record is an absolutely gorgeous example of our Half-n-Half vinyl configuration with an eye-grabbing Splatter that really takes it to the next level! This beautiful record is one you can’t ignore!

Record of the Week: 02/25/2022

This week’s record features a Half-n-Half configuration with Splatter! Combining different elements like the bold black Splatter with the more subtle transition between blue & green transparent colors creates an overall striking visual impact!

Record of the Week: 03/26/2021

This week’s record is truly a spectacle to be hold – it combines Color-in-Color and Half-n-Half vinyl with 3 colors of Splatter! Nothing is impossible if you think big enough! This is just another example of why Pirates Press is truly a pioneer in vinyl manufacturing.

Record of the Week: 09/25/2020

This week’s Record of the Week is an eye-popping example of our Half-n-Half with Splatter configuration. With bold color choices and a combination of opaque & clear vinyl, this piece of vinyl art demonstrates the limitless possibilities for making your next project look as memorable as it sounds!