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Record of the Week: 03/01/2024

The possibilities are endless with our full color Picture Flexis! We are even able to change up the art while pressing the same audio master, as seen with the “1979 Trans Am” single by The Drowns, which had a standard pressing for mailorder and record store promo, a version exclusively for the band’s record release party, and a “Slide Flexi” version made for the ongoing series from Pirates Press Records!

Record of the Week: 05/26/2023

In a fascinating chapter in the history of record pressing, resourceful folks looking to bootleg western pop songs behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War used lathe cutting machines to cut audio grooves into actual used X-Rays and sold them on the black market to fans desperate to hear music their government forbid them to hear! Back in the day, the records were known simply as “Bones.”

Record of the Week: 04/16/2021

This is a special Record Of The Week from one of our most prolific customers – Decibel Magazine! Over the last 10 years and 200 issues, Decibel has included a flexi in many of its issues highlighting the best in heavy music. The latest flexi in Decibel’s catalog is a new single from heavy metal stalwarts Converge called “I Won’t Let You Go.” This Picture Flexi features exclusive art from frontman Jacob Bannon and is complemented by Gold Foil Stamping to commemorate this special occasion.

Dad Brains – Self-Titled

We’ve got a never ending supply of colored vinyl on our RECORD OF THE WEEK Blog!!! What happens when a bunch of hardcore and punk rockers enter fatherhood? Of course, they’re going to write...

The Casket Lottery Box Set

THE CASKET LOTTERY are an indie band from from Kansas Missouri, initially starting as a mellower outlet for Stacey Hilt and Nathan Ellis, who both played in legendary Kansas metal act Coalesce. Originally active from 1997-2004…