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Record of the Week: 01/13/2023

This week’s featured record is a gorgeous 6 spoke Pinwheel configuration that shows off the complex color interactions possible when you combine two contrasting colors of opaque vinyl, in this case, black & white…always a classic!

Record of the Week: 12/23/2022

This gorgeously colored 6-Spoke Pinwheel vinyl configuration makes this week’s featured record as festive as a peppermint on a gingerbread house! We hope you all enjoy your holiday weekend, and wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Blessed Yule, Habari Gani, Happy Holidays, or anything else you’re celebrating (even if it’s just a restful & well-deserved day off from work)!

Record of the Week: 09/02/2022

This week’s featured record makes fantastic use of our deluxe 6 Spoke Pinwheel configuration using Neon Vinyl colors, topped off with a heavy contrasting Splatter! You can practically feel the energy coming off this awesome piece of vinyl!

Record of the Week: 11/20/2020

This week‘s Record of the Week is simply an awesome example of our 6 Spoke Pinwheel configuration! The contrasting black and white vinyl creates some dramatic shapes and visual effects to make this an instantly unforgettable record!