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Record of the Week: 02/16/2024

Want to turn your next record into a Valentine to your fans? With Custom Shaped Vinyl, you can create a Heart-Shaped record, or several other pre-made shapes, as well as custom die-cuts! Got an idea for a crazy shape & color combination? Talk to us!

Record of the Week: 10/13/2023

It’s Friday the 13th in October, so in honor of spooky season, we had to show you this delightfully gory Shaped Record with 2 color Splatter on a single opaque color base! ‘Sawblade’ is one of the many shapes we can cut for your record…or we can do something completely custom…tell us what YOU have in mind!

Record of the Week: 02/11/2022

Happy Valentine’s Day! Want to send a love letter to your fans? Consider pressing your record on Heart-Shaped Vinyl, like this record, which also incorporates Splatter! It’s just one of several options we offer in terms of custom die-cut shapes. You can choose a “standard” shape or even work with your rep to create something totally custom and unique!

Record of the Week: 10/30/2020

For this holiday weekend Record of the Week, we wanted to show your something suitably in the scary spirit of the season, and we certainly think this “bloody” sawblade record fits the bill! It’s an appropriately gory horror-themed example of our Custom Shaped vinyl, topped off with a 2 color Splatter! Watch your fingers when you spin one of these, DJs!