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Record of the Week: 09/08/2023

Like Splatter, Smoke is an effect which can be used on its own or in conjunction with other vinyl configurations to add depth and texture to your record. When applied to a transparent base color, it adds a wispy, spectral appearance. This week’s featured record displays a transparent red color with black Smoke, and is displayed with backlighting.

Record of the Week: 09/09/2022

It’s almost unbelievable at first glance, but this week’s featured record actually starts with a clear base color! However, after the incorporation of two opaque Smoke colors, the vinyl takes on an intricate mixture that calls to mind solid stonework or marble! Truly an impressive piece of vinyl!

Record of the Week: 08/26/2022

This week’s featured record shows off a bold Tri-Color combination in a Pie Slice configuration, topped off with two Splatter colors! This truly gorgeous piece of vinyl art certainly commands attention!

Record of the Week: 08/19/2022

This week’s featured record shows off Neon vinyl inside clear vinyl in a Color-in-Color configuration, topped off with Smoke! This creative combination results in an eerie, almost supernatural effect!

Record of the Week: 06/03/2022

Some of our deluxe pressing configurations, such as the Insomnia vinyl seen in this week’s featured record, are actually highly specialized combinations of pressing processes that have been shown to produce specific results. Ask about Insomnia vinyl, and your rep can talk you through how to create eerie and compelling translucent visual effects like you see here!

Record of the Week: 11/05/2021

This week’s record shows off our Insomnia vinyl configuration! Using a highly specialized combination of pressing techniques, this process produces eerie, complex translucent effects like you see above!

Record of the Week: 12/18/2020

This week, our Record of the Week is a striking example of our Smoke effect vinyl! Combined with three different colors of Splatter, this pressing give an impressive combination of texture, color, and dimension, with some incredibly intricate effects adding up to an incredible overall visual impact!