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Record of the Week: 02/16/2024

Want to turn your next record into a Valentine to your fans? With Custom Shaped Vinyl, you can create a Heart-Shaped record, or several other pre-made shapes, as well as custom die-cuts! Got an idea for a crazy shape & color combination? Talk to us!

Record of the Week: 01/19/2024

This week’s gorgeous featured record include a Tri-Color AsideBside configuration comprised of two opaque colors and one Neon color, with a four color Splatter including two Neon colors and two additional opaque colors!

Record of the Week: 01/05/2024

Our first featured record of 2024 is as bright as our wishes for the year ahead, showing off a Spinner configuration with a Neon Vinyl base and an opaque Splatter applied to the transparent colored “Spokes!”

Record of the Week: 12/22/2023

The burst of festive holiday colors on this week’s featured record was accomplished with the simple but effective method of adding 2 opaque Splatter colors to an Ultra Clear vinyl base! Happy Holidays!