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Record of the Week: 06/17/2022

A creative use of contrasting and complementary colors in our deluxe Twist configuration really makes this week’s featured record pop with color! This is a great configuration to consider if you want to feature bold, impactful fields of color on your record!

Record of the Week: 01/21/2022

One of the most fascinating things about our endless combinations of vinyl colors and configurations is seeing the different ways that colors interact with one another, as seen in this Twist configuration! Experimenting with different transparent and opaque colors can produce truly unique results…let us help guide you through the spectacular combinations you can make!

Record of the Week: 12/03/2021

This week’s record shows off our beautiful Twist configuration, utilizing Neon orange and two shades of blue! Get creative by pairing any 3 of our color offerings for a unique and eye-catching record that any collector will want to have.

Record of the Week: 07/30/2021

This week’s record features a sweet example of Twist vinyl that utilizes some fantastic color choices. This is another prime example of how complementary color selection and our incredible configuration choices can bring your record to the next level!

Record of the Week: 06/04/2021

This week’s featured record takes advantage of complementary colors in our Twist configuration. The combination of transparent and opaque colors creates interesting, one of a kind blends on each copy!

Record of the Week: 05/07/2021

This week’s record is a very cool example of our TWIST vinyl configuration! With different base color & twist color combinations, you can create subtle visual effects or bold contrasts, with results that look gorgeous sitting still or spinning on your turntable!