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Record of the Week: 09/01/2023

This week we are spotlighting our UV Printed 12″ Vinyl! With high-definition images printed directly onto the surface of the vinyl, these look and sound far superior to traditional Picture Discs!

Record of the Week: 09/23/2022

Our UV Printed 12″ Vinyl is truly the next evolution of creating artwork on records. Unlike a picture disc, records using this process have high definition art printed directly to the surface of the vinyl! This also allows for much higher sound quality on the flipside, with actual vinyl grooves rather than the plastic casing of a picture disc. The process results in both better sound and better quality artwork…the best of both worlds!

Record of the Week: 05/20/2022

This week’s featured record shows off our incredible UV Digitally Printed 12″ Vinyl technique. While some might mistake it for a Picture Disc at first glance, this is actually a process of printing hi-resolution artwork directly onto the surface of the vinyl. These records look and sound far superior to anything you’ve encountered before!

Record of the Week: 10/22/2021

This week’s record is another incredible example of our mind-blowing UV Digitally Printed 12″ Vinyl technology at work! The “window panes” in the artwork on this record are translucent, while the surrounding art is opaque, and printed onto real vinyl! This process produces higher quality images AND far superior sound to picture discs, as well as the unprecedented ability to have transparent or translucent “knockout” areas! The results have to be seen to be believed!

Record of the Week: 01/22/2021

This week’s vinyl may look like it’s printed on glass – but it’s really our incredible UV Digitally Printed 12″ Vinyl technology at work! You can design your printing to take place using two full sets of full color artwork, separated by a white layer, with or without knockouts that leave you transparent bits. These are pressed on REAL VINYL and sound far better than picture discs!