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Record of the Week: 03/01/2024

The possibilities are endless with our full color Picture Flexis! We are even able to change up the art while pressing the same audio master, as seen with the “1979 Trans Am” single by The Drowns, which had a standard pressing for mailorder and record store promo, a version exclusively for the band’s record release party, and a “Slide Flexi” version made for the ongoing series from Pirates Press Records!

Record of the Week: 02/16/2024

Want to turn your next record into a Valentine to your fans? With Custom Shaped Vinyl, you can create a Heart-Shaped record, or several other pre-made shapes, as well as custom die-cuts! Got an idea for a crazy shape & color combination? Talk to us!

Record of the Week: 01/19/2024

This week’s gorgeous featured record include a Tri-Color AsideBside configuration comprised of two opaque colors and one Neon color, with a four color Splatter including two Neon colors and two additional opaque colors!

Record of the Week: 01/12/2024

You may have heard of Marble Vinyl before, but we’ve recently begun pressing a brand new line of all-new deluxe Marble configurations that will knock your socks off, like this week’s featured “Solar Flare” colored vinyl 12″!