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Record of the Week: 05/26/2023

In a fascinating chapter in the history of record pressing, resourceful folks looking to bootleg western pop songs behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War used lathe cutting machines to cut audio grooves into actual used X-Rays and sold them on the black market to fans desperate to hear music their government forbid them to hear! Back in the day, the records were known simply as “Bones.”

Record of the Week: 05/19/2023

OurĀ Neon Vinyl colors bring some incredibly bright and eye catching vibrance to any record, and also look incredible in any arrangement. This week’s bright green beauty is made even cooler with the addition of heavy blackĀ Splatter!

Record of the Week: 05/12/2023

Sometimes less is more, and a simple design can be bold and impactful, as is the case with this week’s featured record, which features 5 alternating Stripes in the classic combination of red & black vinyl!

Record of the Week: 04/21/2023

This week’s show-stoppingly gorgeous featured record was created by combining Neon Vinyl with two other opaque colors in a Tri-Color AsideBside configuration, and finishing it off with Splatter! The results are a piece of vinyl art that would turn anyone’s head!

Record of the Week: 04/14/2023

Our deluxe AsideBside configuration consistently produces impressive results when mixing two colors, so it logically follows that it looks even MORE incredible when you combine three colors in a Tri-Color AsideBside configuration! This week’s eye-popping featured record combines this configuration with two Splatter colors, including a Neon color!

Record of the Week: 03/31/2023

This week’s featured record shows off a gorgeous example of our deluxe AsideBside configuration. The combination of opaque gold vinyl with transparent purple vinyl creates an incredibly eye-catching contrast, and the addition of black Splatter takes it to the next level!

Record of the Week: 03/24/2023

This week we continue to showcase what is possible with our deluxe Galaxy style vinyl. Our featured record this week combines opaque green with transparent blue colored vinyl, and the gorgeous result speaks for itself!

Best of all, right now, this configuration is available with our incredibly fast turnaround capacity on orders of 1,000+ units of 12″ vinyl! This is the best time in years to press an amazing looking record like you see here!