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Record of the Week: 09/15/2023

The dazzling look of this week’s incredible featured record was accomplished by blending three opaque vinyl colors in a Tri-Color AsideBside configuration with a single color Splatter to make it even more impressive!

Record of the Week: 09/08/2023

Like¬†Splatter,¬†Smoke is an effect which can be used on its own or in conjunction with other vinyl configurations to add depth and texture to your record. When applied to a transparent base color, it adds a wispy, spectral appearance. This week’s featured record displays a transparent red color with black Smoke, and is displayed with backlighting.

Record of the Week: 09/01/2023

This week we are spotlighting our UV Printed 12″ Vinyl! With high-definition images printed directly onto the surface of the vinyl, these look and sound far superior to traditional Picture Discs!

Record of the Week: 08/11/2023

The specialized pressing process employed to create Cloudy Effect vinyl works especially amazing with transparent colors, creating a striking overall impact and fine details that demand a closer look!

Record of the Week: 07/28/2023

The subtle but captivating shifts in color seen in this week’s gorgeous featured record are created by combining an opaque vinyl color with a transparent vinyl color in an AsideBside configuration!

Record of the Week: 07/21/2023

Our incredible deluxe Galaxy configuration always creates incredible interactions between two colors, but it can truly be taken to the next level with three colors, as seen in this week’s featured record, which combines three opaque vinyl colors in a Tri-Color Galaxy configuration!

Record of the Week: 07/14/2023

The eye-catching effect of this week’s featured record is accomplished with one transparent vinyl color and one opaque vinyl color in a Half-n-Half configuration, while using the same opaque color for Splatter!